Tous les matins du monde sont sans retour

So, here it is my first blog real blog post ever. To my friends who know how much I have always loved fashion it may seem a bit weird that I didn’t start a fashion blog until now. Well, this is mainly because until I moved to London a year ago I didn’t think that anyone could ever possibly care about my opinion about fashion. But since bloggers on the streets of London ask me almost every other day if  they can take a picture of my outfit I feel that I should probably share my endless wisdom on fashion and style with you. I thought telling you about my favourite designers would be a good start just to give you a general impression of the sorts of styles that inspire me. You will see that about half of the outfits I have chosen are vintage from the 20s to 60s or very theatrical styles. I love wearing vintage, preferably not mixed with modern, if I go for a style I’ll take it all the way, including proper hairstyle and make up. I will soon post some photos of my own style. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to do it this weekend. This Saturday I’m going to The Second Grand Anarcho-Dandyist Ball so my styling should be at it’s best.

So but enough about that for now, here they are, my eighteen favourite couturiers. I haven’t chosen any outfits from current collections, not because I don’t like them, but because  I think these particular dresses/suits represent best what I love about these designers. (Apart from the one of Zac Posen I deliberately chose that one because he looks so cute in the picture. No just kidding the dress is truly gorgeous.)…….Ok . now I’ll really shut up, promised! Here they are:

1.  Elsa Schiaparelli (1890 — 1973), one of the most important fashion designers of the period between the two world wars. Isn’t this evening outfit just gorgeous?

2. Christian Dior (1905– 1957 ),  famous for his 40s and 50s fashion and iconic new look. I adore the shape, the tiny waist and a beautiful a-line skirt to give the iconic 8 shape.

3. Pierre Balmain (1914 – 1982),  known and loved for his timeless elegance. This gorgeous evening dress has to worn with a matching corsage and petticoat underneath. Every vintage girls dream.

4. Coco Chanel (1883 – 1971), the epitome of style. This late 1930s evening ensemble is one of my favourites because of the maritime style and simplicity.

5. Hubert de Givenchy (born 1927), loved for the most desirable evening dresses. This beautiful dress was worn by Audrey Hepburn in Love in the Afternoon.

6. Jean-Paul Gaultier (born 1952), for being so wonderfully eccentric in a time when most designer make little chiffon dresses for rich clotheshorses. This is just an incredible design.

7. Christian Lacroix (born 1951) for opulent gowns every girl dreams of. This one makes you look like one of these little Madonna figures the sell on the side of the road in rural Spain.

8. Jeanne Lanvin (1867 – 1946), for her gorgeous art deco gowns. The embroidery on this dress just makes me happy.

9. Yves Saint Laurent  (1936 – 2008), one of the people in fashion that inspire me most. Entering the world of fashion at the age of 17 as Christian Dior’s assistant he took over the fashion house when Dior died and soon opened his own house. Also one has to love his look, those glasses are pure timeless cool. Here is one of his most iconic designs.

10. John Galliano (born 1960) because everything about him seems so wonderfully wrong and strange. He styles his own persona like a gay pirate on acid, but somehow manages to present us with some of the most outstanding and breathtakingly beautiful designs each season. My God, if I ever get married I will wear this dress at my  wedding and the groom has to wear this suit and coat, pure Addams Family Values style.

11. Vivienne Westwood (born 1941) ’cause at almost 70 she’s still a punk. This would have been my perfect Halloween outfit this year because I wanted to go as Jean-Gaspard Deburau, but then ended up going as Olimpia from E.T.A.Hoffmann’s The Sandman.

12. Zac Posen (born 1980), first of all because he is so incredibly beautiful, but also because of his adorable designs. These floating dresses and bold colours. And of course because he dresses like Count Count, although he may disagree with this point. Look at him, isn’t he just adorable? Oh yes and the dress is pretty nice as well, wonderfully floaty.

13. Hussein Chalayan (born 1970) because he made a dress out of a table or a table out of a dress, anyways I want it! Here it is, it’s my birthday soon….hint hint.

14. Oscar de la Renta (born 1932) for those fairytale like wedding dresses. Even I would consider marriage for a dress like this, although the Galliano gown is more my style.

15. Karl Lagerfeld (born 1933) for reinventing Chanel’s wonderful style. I love it that the models wear flat shoes, at some point during fashion week those girls deserve a little break from killer heels very well.

16. Miuccia Prada (born 1949) , maintaining the family business that has produces high quality leather goods and fashion for almost 100 years, has reinvented the brand as one of the world’s leading couture houses. Also, one has to love her for her own brand Miu Miu, wearable fashion with an haute couture twist. Prada’s 2010 winter collection was so wonderfully retro. Perfect as work wear. And Miu Miu I love because of the detachable collars, I’ve worn those since I was about four years old and I still do.

17. Gareth Pugh (born 1981), because I always support the underdog. His fashion is strongly influenced by my beloved Klaus Nomi and although he has almost made the transition into mainstream fashion design he stays a true artist at heart. This outfit just takes my very breath away, I have no words.

18. Alexander McQueen(1969 – 2010), what’s not to love? His ability of turning something ugly or grotesque into something of great beauty was  inspiring. His iconic designs made out of mountains of lace and tulle will always be my favourites. This one has both lace and tulle……and antlers, what more could you possibly want?!

So that’s it I hope you like them, if not….well I don’t massively care.

Oh just one more thing, I would like to take a short course at London College of Fashion next summer, if anyone here has done one I would be very happy if you could tell my about your experience.

Mara xx


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À la folie

Je vous souhaite une bonne journée mesdames et messieurs. N’ayez pas peur, l’anxiolytique c’est moi.

Welcome to my new very own blog about fashion, the past and the rather obscure. I’ll share my encyclopedic wisdom on all sorts of things with you. Very soon you will get the chance to read my first real post, but for now I’ll leave you.

Mara xx

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